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TE CHINO DEL DR MING 30 bags - 2 Boxes

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2 Boxes of Chinese tea of ​​Dr. Ming (60 bags in TOTAL) (30 bags per carton) (New and Sealed)

RECEIVE THE CHINESE TEACHING OF Dr. MING Te Chino of Dr Ming, takes away the anxiety of eating. Dr Ming's Chinese tea was created in the Far East to purify and free the body of toxins and impurities. Their unique combination of medicinal herbs was originally used by monks and apprentices to assist them in relaxation by reducing anxiety and eliminating toxins from the body. This ancestral combination was studied in western laboratories. Thanks to these studies, Chinese tea was combined with new 100% natural ingredients to create the most effective reductive formula ever created.


Thanks to Dr. Ming's Chinese te you will be able to reduce measures quickly and achieve the lean and slim body that you have always wanted. Many ordinary products contain chemicals that can atrophy the body's natural mechanisms. That is why after losing weight many people regain it and become fatter after these dangerous diets and treatments. Dr. Ming's Chinese tea is different because it is 100% natural and activates our body's mechanisms for providing well-being and harmony while losing weight in a healthy way. Two of the natural ingredients of Chinese tea activate the enzymes responsible for metabolism in the body. In this way Te Chinese converts fats into energy by returning the body to its attractive and slender form. You will see as in just 20 days the extra pounds disappear to give you a thin and slim body thanks to Dr. Ming's Chinese te. Just take a tea in the morning before breakfast and another tea in the evening before the snack and in as little as 20 days you will see how you lose weight and reduce measures in an accelerated manner. You receive 60 envelopes for a complete treatment of one month and for a limited time receive the instructions' HOW TO LOWER WEIGHT ONE DAY AT A TIME


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TE CHINO DEL DR MING 30 bags -  2 Boxes

TE CHINO DEL DR MING 30 bags - 2 Boxes